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This set-up will ask follow-up questions based on certain keywords that the respondent enters below.

Let's talk about banking.  Please tell us what you like about your primary bank?

Demo Only: Respondents will not see this information:

Here are the groups of keywords/keyphrases that we'll be looking for to probe on:

  • Mobile/smartphone banking: smartphone, smart phone, phone, Android, iPhone, iOS, app, apps, mobile check deposit, remote check deposit, check deposit, mobile site
  • Online banking: website, web site, online, laptop, desktop, computer, browser, bill pay, bill payment, online payment, payment, payments
  • Branches or ATMs: ATM, ATMS, branch, branches, hours, banking hours, branch hours, line, lines, teller, tellers, drive-up, drive up, drive-through, drive through, drive, car
  • Services, products, or offers: product, products, account, accounts, investment, investments, mortgage, mortgages, loan, loans, rate, rates, offer, offers, promotion, promotions, discount, discounts, bonus